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Green Energy Video Page

On this page you will find examples of wind turbine power, solar energy conversions, and occasionally we'll even be posting how-to videos. Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more videos over time. Also if you convert your home, and create a video, be sure to email us the link. We do like hearing from those who have grabbed one of our top green power guides, and are working to save their money and our planet!

DIY Wind Power Videos - Examples and How-to

Small Wind Turbine Powering a Home Stereo:


1125 Amp Battery Backup Array - Charged by Wind and Solar Power:

Wind Power Example and Tips from One Home DIY-er:

DIY Solar Energy Videos - Examples and How-to

News Release - Solar Energy Cheaper than Coal (Utah Project)

Simple 3 Panel Solar Power System for Under $250:

Another Example of Cheap DIY Solar Power - 665 Amp-Hour System

If you would like to convert your home, and take advantage of free, renewable, energy sources such as solar or wind power. You should take a moment to read our reviews of the top illustrated guides that can teach you how.



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